Bulgarian Wedding Traditions

Many Bulgarian wedding customs are long-standing and go as far back hundreds of years. Some rituals continue to be practiced today, even though modern day Bulgarian lovers often miss out them.

The most crucial bulgarian women dating wedding bulgarian women ritual consists of the matchmaker. In the past, Bulgarian men selected future spouses for their families. The groom’s best friend would be the matchmaker. Your husband was deemed as the figure of authority. He’d ask the bride’s father to offer him agreement to marry her.

A couple would definitely usually spend the previous night the wedding ceremony in the bride’s parents’ house. This tradition was created to protect the bride coming from the groom’s irregular behavior. Some couples also have a legal civil marriage ceremony the day prior to wedding.

The “kum” is a ceremonial product of rakia carved by a timber. The significance of this container is important. That symbolizes the transition via childhood to adult life. The bottle of wine is stuffed with rakia, which allegedly has recovery properties.


The wedding ceremony of offering gifts is additionally an important component of the Bulgarian wedding. Customarily, the groom signifies a hardwood wine vessel for the bride’s friends and family. During the wedding, the bride and groom also exchange wedding rings. This ceremony is said to boost the couple’s spiritual life.

The traditional Bulgarian wedding may be a big affair, with rituals, music, belly dancing and meals. Most Bulgarian weddings happen on Weekend, although there are not other situations.

Some birdes-to-be in Getaway happen to be referred to as “kumove, ” which usually is actually a Bulgarian term that means psychic parent. Kumove usually respond when godparents and are often the couple’s closest close friends. Their role is normally https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dating to steer the bride and groom.


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