Costa Rican Marriage ceremony Traditions

Almost everyone in the family is invited to Playa Rican wedding ceremonies. Guests will be dressed in amazing clothing and are also encouraged to dance. They also display decoration to make their lives together.

The wedding ceremony is normally Christian in nature. In most Costa Rican weddings, the bride and groom are given tough luck gold coins during the feast day. These gold coins represent the astrology and online dating groom’s support with respect to the new bride and his determination to her. They also represent the groom’s desire to be the top of the along with his contentment of his new duties.

The marriage celebrations usually last for two to 3 days. Relatives from other parts of the world can journey in to sign up for the festivities. Friends wear Christmas suits to bring best of luck to the bride and groom.

Before the wedding, the bride and bridegroom attend a serenata. Several musicians enjoy romantic songs and the bridegroom delivers roses meant for the new bride. This is a moment just for the couple to relax. The bride is normally traditionally dressed in a white attire. She may also wear a lace veil.

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The bridal party typically consists of a groom wearing a tuxedo and the bride wearing a longer white dress. The groom may also work with a mariachi music wedding band to perform with the wedding.

The bride and groom will then exchange 13 gold coins. This symbolizes the groom’s take pleasure in for his wife, his financial support, and his readiness to take on his role because the head for the family.


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