Taiwan Wedding Customs

There are many different marriage ceremony traditions that can be found in taiwan. These practices are meant to observe the families of the soon-to-be husband and star of the event and to goodness their ancestors and forefathers.

The tea ceremony is a crucial part of a taiwan wedding ceremony. It’s a choice of the family of the groom and bride to meet their new husband and wife for their family home.

Throughout this ceremony, the couple will serve tea with each of the parents (the bride’s parents will be served first) saying “please drink tea. ” They will then offer each parent a red cover filled with relationship with korean woman cash or money jewelry like a blessing so that https://asianbrides.org/taiwanese-women an official welcome for the family.

After the tea ceremony is usually complete, the couples happen to be invited to their reception exactly where they can meet and greet each other peoples parents and relatives. They will be presented food and dessert.

A typical dessert is usually sweet grain and bread filled with sesame paste and red coffee beans, which is called “sweet and sticky. ” This is a sign of good luck with regards to the recently married couple.

Typically, the bride’s and groom’s family had to put together 12 items for each other prove wedding day. These types of items were made of numerous kinds of merchandise, but frequently included a reddish envelope filled up with cash or perhaps gold earrings.


Prior to wedding, the mothers with the https://www.stayathomemum.com.au/my-lifestyle/write-online-dating-profile/ groom’s and bride’s sides would definitely dress them with golden products and jewels. This is to show that they are formally introduced to the other peoples family and that they will be a part of it permanently.


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